Automatic 5 day intensive / crash driving course.

The following is an extract of a live person chat session between carcaptain intensive driving courses and a student who wishes to do an automatic driving course within the next 13 days.

Even if the student has not already done his theory test it is possible for us to arrange everything including their driving test and theory test within an overall time of just 13 to 14 days. It is obviously incumbent thereon that the student works with us throughout the process.

The following is an extract of the discussion;

Chris: How can I help?
joe: hello chris how soon are driveing test available? could i learn and pass before xmas, 13 days down the line?
Chris: Yes, that would not be a problem.
Chris: Have you looked at our website to evaluate how many hours you need?
joe: i only have around £400 so hopefully only 18hurs
joe: is there much difference between the 18 and 23 hour course?
Chris: Please give me some detail on your past experience?
joe: have done approx ten hours of driving a year ago and was confident and getting better…havent driven for 6months…passed my theory test last month
Chris: The length of the course, is purely dependent on your ability to drive. The five hours difference in time period could be the difference between passing and failing the course. It is always a better idea to take a little more in lesson time and be sure that you are going to pass your driving test.
Chris: What area are you in?
joe: Hampton south west london
joe: do you do assesment lessons?
Chris: Do you wish to do automatic or manual driving lessons?
Chris: Yes, we do assessment lessons.
joe: would i need less lessons to pass by doing an automatic course?
joe: (is it usually easier?0
joe: )
Chris: Yes automatic driving lessons are a lot easier than manual driving lessons. I would suggest that you pay Carcaptain a deposit of £77 and then we will set up an assessment lesson as soon as possible, so that we can effectively evaluate your ability and the required length of course. You are welcome to do the assessment lesson in an automatic car. We have an excellent automatic instructor in your area.
joe: id prefer to do a manual but i need to pass as soons as possible to get a job in january…in your poinion would i pass sooner doing an automatic course?
joe: why should i use car captain?
Chris: Does it matter whether you have an automatic or manual driving licence as far as your work is concerned?
Chris: The answer is yes you would definitely need less lessons in an automatic to pass than you would in a manual car.
Chris: You should use carcaptain because we are the best in the industry.
joe: how much availability is there in my area for intense courses?
Chris: Joe, as soon as you have registered, paid our required deposit, we will be in a position to allocate a driving instructor to do the evaluation. If you have already passed your theory test, we can start looking for a test for you so that you can pass before Christmas.
joe: fantastic youve been really helpfull and because of that il register with carcaptain
joe: thanks chris
Chris: OK, you are welcome.

We at Carcaptain driving schools have a lot of success with courses of this nature.

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