Armando “im intresting on a crash course driving” ?

Carcaptain online chat with Armando.

Carcaptain: Hello. How may I assist you?
Armando: hello
Carcaptain: Welcome to our live chat service.
Armando: im intresting on a crash course driving
Armando: test
Armando: how das it work
Carcaptain: If you want a crash course and test we have to decide how many hours you need and then it is to register and get everything arranged.
Armando: well ok
Armando: how much will it cost
Carcaptain: How many hours of driving have you done?
Carcaptain: Have you done a test , how many and or are you test ready?
Armando: i hove done about 10 hours of driving about one year a go
Armando: i havent don any test yeat
Carcaptain: Then our recommendation would be that you due at least 33 hours of crash course and then three hours for the test. The intensive course, 33 hours, will cost in the region of £690.
Carcaptain: Which area do you live in?
Armando: ok but i kneet to do my thery test too
Carcaptain: We can arrange your theory test as well.
Armando: is that still same price
Armando: and whats the chanxis of pasing / ore felling ?
Carcaptain: That intensive driving course will cost in the region of £690 and then all course materials including the tests, theory test, driving tests, car hire and cover charge for the test will cost another hundred and £149 on top of the £690. This will mean and all in cost of £839
Carcaptain: Generally, our students, because of the intensive course, pass their driving test.
Carcaptain: When would you like to start?
Armando: what will hapen if a fell the driving test / thery test
Armando: as soon as posoboll
Carcaptain: We would rebook your theory test, which normally takes around 5 to 10 days, if you fail your practical driving test we will rebook your test within 21 days.
Armando: and no think to pay
Carcaptain: Sorry I do not understand your last comment?
Armando: if you rebook my test thats i dont have to pay any think four the rebooking
Armando: with my thery test i really stragol what hellp do i get to meak sure i pasit
Carcaptain: If you fail your test, it will not be because we have not provided you with adequate training or course material. There is no way that any driving school can guarantee that you will pass your test. We can only do our best to prepare you for the test in the time available. Failing a test is therefore at your expense.
Armando: sow how much will that be sekent time
Carcaptain: As part of the theory test we provide you with a DVD and CD set for your computer which has all the questions in the DSA data base. The course material for the theory also has extensive hazard perception test material for your edification. If you are really struggling we can arrange additional classes for the theory test. As this is not normally provided it will be at an additional cost. We would recommend that you make every effort to study with the supplied material as it has never failed any of our students in the past.
Carcaptain: A second theory test will be £31
Carcaptain: A second practical driving test will be £110
Armando: thank u four you hellp
Carcaptain: When would you like to start?
Armando: plees cal me on my fon 079 **** **** soe we can mke the talc for the corse.
Carcaptain: Pleasure, I will do it right now.

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