Anthem CA Members Take Their Coverage With Them

People love the liberty of employing a nationwide network of suppliers, so they’re covered wherever they are going. Anthem CA offers a Blue Card network, which allows their PPO members to enjoy the same in-network coverage they have across the country. It is as easy as packing a suitcase, and does not require any costs to bring the coverage along for the journey. In the case of a sickness or medical concern out of state, Anthem ca members can locate a local Blue Card provider by only calling in to member services, or locating a supplier on the web. Even HMO members can be assured they will not get left out in the cold in the event of a medical emergency. While HMO coverage is constrained to emergency care, members can be assured coverage will be in place as needed.

To process an out of state claim, members can be assured they won’t have lots of footwork to do. The claim will be despatched on to the appropriate claim departments as required, as designated by the alpha numeric code preceding their member ID number. This number indicates which state the claim must be billed to, and will most likely be processed accordingly. While these claims may take a bit longer to be processed, members won’t see bills bigger than they would should they visit their doctor down the street from their own home.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Providers are abundant in all 50 states. There are even providers in areas overseas; as much as 170 states also embrace the cross and shield. In reality the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Providers Association guesses that 96% of surgeries and 91% of suppliers have signed contracts with them and are regarded as in-network suppliers. This allows extraordinary flexibility in choosing a doctor and hospital, and data that adaptability will extend from Maine to Maui (and everywhere in-between).

Blue Cross and Blue Shield suppliers are abundant, and this being so allows for more competitive shopping on the consumers part, particularly when wanting more speciality care. Provider sites regularly allow price comparisons to see which medical provider or facility can offer the best care at the base rates. Having a mess of doctors to select from can also permit members to get a second, third, or fourth opinion without effort. Finally, it gives more opportunities to find a provider who can see the patient as soon as possible. Should one be off on a two week vacation, or be booked up for weeks on patient visits, having the power to call anyone in the network gives options for both doctor and patients.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield suppliers prove that a system that was made decades back proved advantageous for both parties. Members enjoy the simplicity of selecting and utilizing their medical care providers, and the insurance corporations secure solid contracts with respectable doctors, surgeries, and medical facilities. This is a model that should guide future advances in the medical care industry as a model that works.

Daniel Abrams owns Abrams California Health Insurance and is a top agent with Anthem Ca. Click here to learn more.

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