3 Common Misconceptions About Laptop Insurance

Many people who recognize the perks of a computer can see the benefits of purchasing a laptop, but far too few never stop to consider purchasing laptop insurance. However, nothing could be more important when it comes to protecting the valuable investment such a purchase represents. When you forgo insurance, you risk losing your investment in your laptop for good if anything ever happens to it!

Nevertheless, many people still don’t take the initiative and purchase the policies they need. This is largely due to a few very common misconceptions that are simply that – misconceptions. In truth, good insurance for your laptop is a must-have that you really can’t afford to be without!

1. If you have household insurance or a warranty, you don’t need laptop insurance.

Some people feel they’re making an incredibly frugal decision in forgoing laptop insurance, figuring that if anything ever happens to theirs, they can simply file a claim with their existing household items insurance company. Others figure the manufacturer will be happy to replace their lost or stolen laptop simply because it’s under warranty. However, they quickly discover the mistake they’ve made when they do have to file a claim and wind up wishing they could turn back the clock and do differently.

Household items insurance doesn’t differentiate between major items like sofas or refrigerators and portable personal items like laptops or mobile phones. A laptop is subjected to dangers and circumstances that a refrigerator is not, but your insurance company isn’t going to take that into consideration and give you a break if anything happens. A claim is a claim… and any claim disqualifies you for your “no claims” bonus, possibly leading to higher premiums down the road as well.

Manufacturer’s warranties – even very good ones – really only cover possible malfunctions or flaws in the item for a limited time. They won’t be of any help to you should you drop your laptop, leave it on the train, or have it stolen by a mugger. Without decent insurance, you better hope you have it in the budget to pay out of pocket for a new one.

2. Laptop insurance is far too costly.

Actually, most insurance policies for laptops are incredibly affordable these days. They also really cover the bases, giving you an incredible value for what you pay. Laptop insurance is certainly a drop in the bucket compared to what it would cost you to purchase a brand new laptop out of pocket if something ever happened! Don’t see your insurance policy as an extravagant indulgence. Think of it as purchasing peace of mind and ironclad protection the way smart consumers do!

3. Shopping for laptop insurance is like rocket science.

If you think that shopping around for laptop insurance and comparing rates is a huge hassle, you’re not alone… and you couldn’t be more wrong either! In this day and age, there are comprehensive tools (like the ones on my site) that can be used to easily and simply compare every policy available at a glance. That could mean a perfect match between you and the plan of your dreams after just a few minutes. So what’s the hold-up? Find out just how many options there really are when it comes to laptop insurance! You have to see how easy it is for yourself.

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