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You’ll find many bad drivers out on the highways, and they contribute to many accidents. The principal trouble with this, is the largest percentage of people hurt usually are not the ones causing the car wrecks. Whether you like it or not, every time you get behind the wheel of your car, you should be prepared to be a defensive driver. It’s in your best interest to be aware of what other drivers are doing so you won’t be surprised at their next actions. Get long term injury legal advice from disability attorneys Fort Myers FL.

If you are driving, there are lots of things you can do to be all set for the unexpected. The top driving method is to be cautious. When driving a vehicle, it isn’t time to be talking on the phone, or actually talking to someone in the backseat, or even sightseeing. The primary reason for driving can be to travel from one place to another place, safely. Crashes tend to be caused by distractions, most notable changing stations on the radio, talking on a cell phone, grooming yourself, and just dealing with other passengers in the car.

While a lot of places in the United States and around the world have made talking on cell phones while driving illegal, people keep doing so anyway. Driving with one hand over the steering wheel and one hand on the cellular phone can cause a lot of problems as your attention is not fully on the road. Before you are aware of it, you’re going to be so involved in your communication that you will be totally unaware of driving conditions. When something unexpectedly happens and you need to react quickly in order to prevent an accident, your lack of concentration may make it difficult if not impossible for you to react in time. One never knows when an unanticipated obstacle will get in your way, so it is essential to stay alert.

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It’s important to pay attention because you can’t predict when you may come up on a pothole or something else in the road. The majority of roads are generally safe for driving but there’s always the risk that something can fall onto the road from passing vehicles or that rock may come loose from surrounding cliffs. Many of these things can become the reason behind an accident waiting to happen. If the driver abruptly runs into some unexpected debris in the road, he will probably obtain some harm to his car particularly if he is driving at high speeds. Yet, conditions could possibly be dangerous enough that you may collide with another vehicle or maybe roll your own vehicle. Take into consideration how many times one has had to swerve to miss anything at all in the road, and if you weren’t paying attention what might have happened.

Attending to your environment is important in locations where there are possible animals on the highway, or places where there are walkers, joggers or bicycle riders. An individual who drives defensively is going to continually be on the look out. It could be a disgrace if you wounded someone with your careless, inattentive driving when they were doing nothing wrong.

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Biography ~ Nigel Lacy, Young Marmalade, Provisional Marmalade.

Nigel Lacy is co founder of Young Marmalade, the combined car purchase and low cost insurance specialists. Young Marmalade has links with 13 car manufacturers and sells new or nearly new cars. It uses volume discounts from the manufacturers and suppliers to subsidise the cost of insurance, making the purchase of a newer car economically viable for young drivers and/or their parents. Often the monthly cost of the car and the insurance is lower than the monthly cost of traditional insurance on it’s own.

Young Marmalade effectively manages the insurance risk by providing small engine, modern cars with a high safety rating and insists upon additional training. After reviewing the claim profile during the last 5 years, over 95% were as a result of incidents late at night or early in the morning. The decision has now been taken to incorporate technology with the sale of the car to provide a massive financial incentive for young drivers to stay off the road at high risk times. This combination has reduced insurance premiums by over 60% against market rates.

Young Marmalade has also taken this a stage further and will subsidise fares for drivers to use taxis rather than use their car at high risk times – an unprecedented move from an insurance scheme.

It is anticipated that control of the major contributory risk factors to many collisions on UK roads, will now make the young drivers on this scheme one of the safest groups on the road.

Young Marmalade is a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) and recently received an International Road Safety Award from HRH Prince Michael of Kent, for work in improving safety for young drivers.