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Somewhere in Essex, in the very wintery Winter of 2010.

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There we are, all camped on the porch outside the driving test centre, noble driving instructors contemplating the weather, fearing for our cars which we have all entrusted to our nervous students to take the examiners on a joy ride on the cold test routes.

Just another day in England. The fuel price is the hottest topic of the day.  “Would you believe it this time last year I could fill my car with £40 and now I have to fork out £60 for the same empty tank. Just wonder how the fuel companies slipped that one past us all?”

A Reddish branded “L” plated car pulls up across the street, blinged to the hilt “football Learner driver mummy” hops out and bounces into the driving test centre, nervous and late. Got to get the licence so she can scare us little instructors with her new “Ranging Rover 4X4″. All for next years school run on the road; we might have snow again.

Figure, Cameron planned the snow anyway as he had to have an excuse to put the VAT up to 20% and then blame the poor economy on the fact that us driving instructors were locked into our houses for 14 days this December watching the snow melt into ice. The last time it snowed so much England was 100 years younger and mostly no-one had cars. Wonder what the driving instructors were doing then?

The Reddish branded cars driving instructor fellow then decides his going to move the car back a bit so that it looks neater there where its standing waiting for Mr. Examiner and our Bling Mummy.

The instructor fellow carefully moves the car so it’s just 6″ away from the curb and parallel. Wheels straight. Car looks like a brave soldier all kitted out on the parade ground, everything spick and span.

Jet, my mate the ex AA instructor, bursts out laughing. Our Reddish Instructor colleague had managed to park the car so the passenger door where the examiner has to get in cannot be opened as there is a majestic Victorian oak right opposite the door on the pavement.

The Reddish instructor fellow is now in a rush to find a toilet. Something all instructors face at short notice for them and there bursting students from time to time. He rushes past us into the test centre and does not have time to listen or speak to us, his got to give Bling Mummy the keys and then find a place to go!

Bling Mummy comes out of the test centre brandishing the car keys in a twirl with a pleased examiner on her heals in tow . Leather black file holder in the left hand, yellow viz jacket and now for the eye test.

There is quiet anticipation on the porch outside the test centre, all the world’s problems can be solved later, first some entertainment.  There is no way the examiner is going to be getting into the Reddish car!

Bling Mummy rattles of the number plate faultlessly. The examiner is well pleased now.  Just a little old driving test to do and all’s set. Bling Mummy spins around looking for Reddish car. After a moments puzzlement she finds it. See it had been moved about 10ft from where she had abandoned it, straggled and sprawn across the road. I could just picture the “Black Ranging Rover 4×4″ parked helter skelter everywhere, like discarded jeans on the way to the shower, always late always making a statement to the detriment of other drivers.

So now examiner moves around to the passenger door. The Victorian Oak is not going to let him into the Reddish car. You have to understand that Oak has been there for 100 years and seen the town grow around it and nobody has ever got it to budge even one inch.

Bling Mummy realizes we have a problem. Examiner realizes we have a problem. The Reddish driving instructor is nowhere to be seen and does not realize he has a problem. Only Bling Mummy is allowed to drive the car – under direct supervision of the examiner?

We are quiet on the porch. There is a static anticipation in the air. You can see the examiner’s mind is going through his DSA procedures, health and safety manuals and looking disdained at the leather folder in his left hand, thinking, “Which box to tick?  Wonder if this is serious or minor error?  How do I turn the next hour into a tea break?”

The examiner has an inspiration; he looks for the rear passenger door. Mmmm? This Red “L” plated car is green design, it only has two front doors. Some more economy sent our way. Measuring the Red car with his eyes the examiner has decided that he has obviously missed too many weigh-ins at Weightwatchers the past years and he is not going to manage a squeeze past the steering wheel from the driver’s side.

My friend Jet figures better he save the damsel in distress. Jet saunters across the street with all the knightly stature he can muster. All those hours sitting next to “L” driver students has taken its toll on the ability to walk. He offers to go find the Red cars driving instructor and sets off to go find him in the place he had to go.

The examiner quite irritated by all this retorts in typical examinese “If this takes more than 4 minutes I will have to cancel the test”

Bling Mummy realizes it’s time to dig up the charm, bitchyness on the shelf for now, she captivates the examiner with her woos and cocoon’s him like the predator spider prepares her mate for her feast.

Six minutes later the Red car instructor appears our examiner completely oblivious of the spent 4 mins. It’s tough being human, Red learner driver instructor moves Reddish “L” plated car forward about 10 feet and exits the car sheepishly.

Bling Mummy ushers the examiner into the passenger side and takes the examiner on the driving test.

So here we all honourable driving instructors are left on the porch outside the driving test centre contemplating the value of Essexness and how easily even examiners can fall prey to the woos of the Bling Essex mummies speaking Essexian.

I come from another world and another place but would not trade Essex and its unique culture for any other part of the United Kingdom. Sometimes one wonders if Essex with its Essexians is just as much another world as Texas is in America with its Texans.

(And now for all the disclaimers; this is only a story, if anybody recognises themselves, we apologise for the inconvenience, but could you please unrecognised yourself we are not talking about you.

If any incidences in recent times have simulated this story, then that is purely a coincidence, and this story has no bearing on the truth.)

When I was 17 I had four hours of driving lessons, I then took a couple of just before I decided to take an intensive driving course with CarCaptain – weekly lessons really wouldn’t have fitted in with my lifestyle so going through CarCaptain and doing one of their courses seemed like a much better option. I found CarCaptain on the internet and immediately liked their website; all of the information I needed was easy to access, they had a brilliant price rate and the reviews that I found on Google were fantastic.

My main requirement was that everything be done quickly and CarCaptain were definitely able to do that with no stress or delay. My instructor, Chris C, was brilliant and a very pleasant person to spend 43 hours with – he made my learning process very easy and relaxed which helped my improvement immensely. When I arrived for my test I was nervous but also felt as prepared as I could be – I passed first time and would definitely recommend CarCaptain for anyone who wants to get their driving licence in a quick and easy fashion.

Fast Track guaranteed pass intensive/crash driving course and courses.

Many companies offer a guaranteed pass intensive driving course. Carcaptain driving schools have recently added these types of courses to their intensive driving course package. The driving guaranteed pass course requires that an evaluation of the student’s ability be fully evaluated before the pricing structure of the course can be agreed. If the student requires a guarantee that they will pass their driving course it is necessary for the student to attend one of our evaluation courses which will include an extended test to see if the student has any learning difficulties that need to be taken into consideration.

As always, we take giving a guarantee that you will pass your driving course very seriously. To be able to give a guarantee that you will pass your driving course it is necessary for us to be sure that we have fully evaluated the risks that are associated with giving the guarantee that you will pass your driving course. We do not do the driving test with a student unless the student has an 80% or better chance of passing their driving test. Therefore for the student to get a guarantee that they will pass their driving test through the tuition facilities of carcaptain driving schools the student is obligated to have a full evaluation and assessment before we will commit the student onto the FastTrack guaranteed pass driving course.

At the time of writing this post the evaluation and assessment will cost the student £46.00 (fourty six british pounds) which is deductible from their course fees should they decide to continue with the guaranteed pass crash driving course after their evaluation.

Unlike many other companies carcaptain driving schools have available the facility to FastTrack a driving course of this nature in that they are able to get a student into a test within 14 days of having been contacted and the necessary Administration having been completed by the student.

Furthermore, once the student has completed his initial phase of the guaranteed pass course, every attempt will be made by carcaptain intensive driving course schools for the student to obtain a FastTrack driving test, which intervals should not exceed 14 to 30 days between tests.

Although the student is on the guaranteed pass course, we are still obligated to observe by the DSA a period of 10 working days between practical driving tests. The student will not be presented for test until he is able to effectively pass the mock driving test. The mock driving test, for the guaranteed pass student, entails the ability for the student to proficiently and efficiently manage all the manoeuvres on first attempt. Furthermore, the degree of training in these courses has to be of an exceptionally high standard as the obligation and risks to carcaptain driving schools has to be managed to the highest degree possible.

On many occasions, we have had to retrain intensive guaranteed pass driving course students who have been offered these types of courses by other driving schools. On most occasions we find that these schools are outside, all very far from London, this in itself offers problems for the student, based in London, to follow through on the guarantees that have been given by these remote schools. Furthermore, the fine print which is associated with these types of courses by other schools makes it extremely tedious and difficult for the guaranteed pass student to actually draw on the guarantee given by the remote school.

The guaranteed pass course, is a FastTrack course which will be specifically designed to the requirement of the individual student, and we will make every effort to ensure that we take into consideration the abilities and skills as dictated by the individual student.

If you wish to do a guaranteed pass FastTrack course, a driving guaranteed pass, a guaranteed pass crash course, or any course to obtain your driving licence which involves a guaranteed pass you are welcome to contact our offices for further information and booking.

Our administrative staff, who are specialists on the guaranteed pass course, will need to register you with all your details, we also require the information regarding your past driving experience, which should include the number of tests you have already taken and the information surrounding those tests. We need a deposit of £77.77p (seventy seven and 77/100 ponds) to set up your guaranteed pass Fast this isthere areTrack intensive crash course.

Please feel free to discuss any matters which require further clarification with our office and administrative staff.

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Before starting with CarCaptain I had two years of driving experience in Ireland so I could pretty much drive and just needed to get through a test. I found CarCaptain on the internet and when I called was dealt with by Sophie who was very helpful and precise when presenting course information.

I had to take time off of work to complete an intensive course so I was very eager that everything be sorted out quickly and efficiently which it was, every step of the way. I gave CarCaptain a set of dates that I wanted to do the lessons & test during & they arranged it for me perfectly and without and problems.

The entire learning process took a week, I started my lessons, sat my theory test and then completed my lessons and took my practical test – I felt absolutely fine before the test and my instructor Obaid even bought me a treat to calm my nerves!

I am very thankful to CarCaptain that I managed to successfully pass my driving test in such a short space of time and in such a stress free way!

I used to drive as a teenager, but gave up after not being very successful so before CarCaptain I hadn’t taken a lesson since I was 23 years of age. I am now 39 years old with three children so I really needed to get it done before I got to the age where I literally couldn’t anymore! I found CarCaptain through Google and decided to go with them because they could get me a test earlier than anywhere else I could find.

I was particularly interested in taking an intensive course as quickly as possible; this is another thing that CarCaptain was able to offer me; no other company that I dealt with could manage to get a course arranged within a matter of days.

I had an instructor called John who was always very calm, punctual and polite – learning with him became a pleasure rather than the chore that it had been previously. I was taught exactly how to pass every element of the test, including the new independent driving section and felt entirely confident of my ability. I managed to pass first time but even if I had, had to redo the test I still would have described CarCaptain as the best way of getting my drivers licence!

Prior to taking a course with CarCaptain I had never driven before, I was placed with an instructor called Chris in the Greater London area who was an absolutely fantastic instructor with years of experience. My brother-in-law was the person who initially suggested that I take a course with CarCaptain as he already knew about the work they did. When I called to discuss doing a course I was dealt with in a really friendly and professional manner, I explained that I really needed to pass my test quickly in order to be able to pick my daughter up from school and also get back and forth to work.

The lady I spoke with explained that CarCaptain are always dealing with clients who needed to pass for both personal and work purposes and I definitely thought that over the period of time that I dealt with CarCaptain they were extremely sensitive to the fact that for many people learning to drive is a desperate necessity.

As already stated, Chris is a great instructor – his instructions were always clear and to the point plus he was probably the most patient person I have ever met! I’m incredibly grateful to CarCaptain that I managed to pass first time and would definitely recommend them to anyone needing driving lessons.

Before signing up with CarCaptain I’d had about 20 hours but then I had to stop driving as I didn’t have enough of money but my theory was about to run out so I had to get on with it. When I called the office I was dealt with really nicely, the level of service from the start was really very, very good!

The only requirement that I had was that I needed a test within a week, before both the change in the DSA practical test and before my theory certificate expired. CarCaptain were easily able to meet these needs and kept me informed of their progress at every step along the way, the ladies in the office also said that I was more than welcome to contact them at any point if any of my requirements changed.

My instructor Obaid was very good, he has been teaching for many years and you can tell how experienced he is almost as soon as you set foot in his car. All along Obaid was confident in my ability to pass the practical test, this rubbed off on me and I felt very confident on the day of the practical. I think the fact that Obaid was so confident I could pass was probably why I did!

Previous to doing an intensive driving course with CarCaptain I’d had approximately five hours of experience behind the wheel, due to work commitments and various other things I just did not have the time to take weekly lessons over a long period of time. I contacted CarCaptain via their ‘client contact form’ and someone got back to me within an hour – the whole enquiry process was handled very well, it was also by far the most convenient way for me to learn to drive so I decided to go ahead and book a 27 hour course.

I was unable to take time off of work to complete my course, I work night shifts so I worried that this may make the whole process longer/ more difficult to arrange; thankfully it didn’t, CarCaptain explained to me that many of their clients are working to tight deadlines or very restricted diaries and they took it in their stride. I was already impressed by CarCaptains level of service before I started my lessons and meeting my instructor only reinforced that. Ren is an extremely patient guy and a great instructor; he was never late picking me up and was always very efficient which made learning to drive that much easier.

On the day of my test I was barely nervous at all, I knew exactly what I was doing and was confident that I would pass – which I did. I would definitely recommend CarCaptain to anyone who needs to pass their driving test in a short space of time and with minimal fuss.

In the past I have had no longer than five hours of driving tuition, spaced out over a number of months. I really struggled to get into driving and was doing a pretty good job of procrastinating until the DSA announced the ‘independent driving’ element they were adding to the test. I decided that I really needed to get everything out of the way before the 3rd October when the changes were implemented.

I found CarCaptain on the internet after doing a Google search; they were the cheapest in my area so I called them to get some more information. My enquiry was handled really professionally, I was told exactly what I needed to know and everyone that I spoke with in the office was extremely informative so I knew where I stood before I actually signed up for the course.

Quite literally my instructor John was ‘the man’ – he was always patient, funny and able to put me at ease, a few days before the test he suggested that I take a few extra hours which I did and successfully passed my first attempt. It was a near miracle that CarCaptain managed to get my test before the 3rd October with such little warning; I would definitely go with them again if I had my time over.

Geoff: Hi I would be intrested in an intensive course
Carcaptain: How can I help?
Carcaptain: Have you done any previous driving or lessons?
Geoff: yes i have
Carcaptain: Have you had a look at the courses that we offer and how they relate to your previous experience?

5day Intensive driving courses and 5day crash courses in Mottingham South East London.
Geoff: yes i think i just need to brush u on my skills
Carcaptain: Have you done a test yet?
Geoff: yh last september
Carcaptain: Then we would recommend the 11hr or the 15hr depending on how badly you failed last time?
Geoff: how much is that?
Carcaptain: 11hr is £263 and the 15hr is £354
Geoff: kk thanks, is that available in my area i live in mottingham
Geoff: also how soon could i book the test
Carcaptain: Nottingham is out of our area. we cover London and surrounding area. We can get you a test within the next 14days if you wish. Do you have relatives down our way?
Geoff: mottingham south east london
Geof: not nottingham
Carcaptain: Sorry, Mottingham, South East London is no problem at all. We have in excess of 93 instructors who do intensive courses for the school. They are situated all over London and cover the surrounding area as well.
Geof: kk thanks can you check for mottingham
Geof: how to i book the test?
Geof: how do i book the course
Carcaptain: You can make use of our test booking service at a small fee of £19.50. They will find you test on a short notice basis we should not be further than 21 days away.
Carcaptain: Alternatively you can book a test directly on the DSA website.
Carcaptain: If you wish to book a course, you can simply provide me with your e-mail address, mobile telephone number, and full names and I will send you a complete enquiry form.
Geof: thanks Big_Geof$£$_banger@bola.coma am goin away on the 15th of july so before this date would be good
Carcaptain: I will send you a full enquiry form by email. With the details as I understand them. Do we book you in for a 15hr course?
Geof: yes thats what i will like
Geof: does that include everything?
Carcaptain: OK thanks. You will receive the email from us this evening still.
Geof: does the 354 include everything?
Carcaptain: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Geof: i just wanted to kno if the price included the test booking car rental and lessos
Geof: lessons
Carcaptain: No the DSA booking charges and test cover charge for the car need to be added to the price. The DSA booking charges £62 and the test cover charge is £39.
Geof: kk thanks send the email and i will send you all the detal
Carcaptain: Will do – Good luck with your test. Just call if we can be of any further assistance.

Link to 5 Day Intensive Crash course for London and the surrounding areas.

Please feel free to contact Carcaptain about our Intensive driving courses in London and surrounding areas.